Year of birth: 1986
Height: 1.73 m.
City of residence: Moscow

Education: Institute of Contemporary Art, Faculty of Music (teacher A.Yu.Stepanov).

Skills: Driving a car (category B C), English speaking, horseback riding, tennis, volleyball, swimming, Thai boxing

Nuremberg, dir. N. Lebedev (in production) "Rugby", dir. A. Mirokhina, I. Kulikov, the role of Pavel, 2021 "Sklifosovsky (Season 7)", dir. Y. Krasnova, the role of Roman, 2019 "Swing (short film)", main role of Vaska's father, 2019
"Beauty and the Beast" Soundtrack, 2017
Crew, dir. N. Lebedev, passenger, 2016
"Gagarin. The first in space" dir. P. Parkhomenko, the role of German Titov, 2013
"Step By Step", dir. I. Korobeinikov, the role of Zhora Michman, 2010

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