Year of birth: 1983
Height: 1.78 m.
City of residence: Moscow

Education: From 1989 to 1994 he played the main roles in the film magazine "Yeralash". In 1993-1996 he worked in the children's theater "On the Embankment", art. leader Fedor Sukhov. In 2006 he graduated from the acting department of the Shchepkinsky Theater School. In 2006-2007 passed military service in TsATRA.

Skills: Driving (experience since 2004, participated in the "Race for Survival"), swimming; vocals; Horseback riding. 2003 - the winner in the Fear Factor program.

"NEXT" (2001-2003), director Oleg Fomin "Young Wolfhound" (2006), director Oleg Fomin
"Route" (2006), director Alexander Fatyanov
Thunderstorm Gates (2006), director Andrey Malyukov. The film was recognized as the best military-patriotic film of 2006.
Salamander's Trail (2008), director Alexander Zamyatin
"Snow on the head" (2009), director Alexander Daruga
"Escape" (2011), director Andrey Malyukov
"Five Brides" (2011), director Karen Hovhannisyan
"White Crow" (2011), director Sergei Bystritsky
“The Second Spartak Revolt” (2012), director Vasily Pichul “Apothegeus” (2013), director Stanislav Mitin (Prize of the XIV International Telekinoforum “Together” for the best male role.) “Orlova and Aleksandrov” (2014) , director Vitaly Moskalenko "Shards of a glass shoe" (2015), director Stanislav Mitin "Penal box" (2016), director Oleg Fomin
Journalists (2017), directed by Sergei Korotaev
"What shall we do with Buckley?" (2018), short film, director Vera Vyatskaya
Bezsonov (2019), director Oleg Fomin
"Cold shores. Return "(2021), directed by Sergey Komarov" SMERSH "(2021), directed by Oleg Fomin
"Blind Valentine's Day" (2022), director Alexander Barshak "St. John's Wort" (2022), dir. Anar Abbasov
Since 2003, he has been playing the main roles in private performances: "Trio", directed by Pyotr Stein, "Oscar", directed by Pyotr Stein, "Photo No. 1", directed by Mikhail Gorevoy

Dramatic works: "Three Wishes" - a modern play about Mozart and Salieri of the third millennium
"Human Day" - a play based on the stories of A. Averchenko.

AGENT Valentina Vasilyeva
+7 916 464 95 13
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