Year of birth: 1987
Height: 1.8 m.
City of residence: Moscow

Education: Works at the Satyricon Theatre, Bulgakov Theater School-Studio Mkhat (2008), course by Alexei Guskov

Skills: English, French, B license, fencing, alpine skiing, ice skating, acrobatics basics (walking on hands), surfing, skate, Bmx (stunt bike), stage combat, swimming, flair basics, Muay Thai

"Offline", the second main role Lieutenant Murashov (2022)
"The Secret of Lilith", the main role (2021)
"Phantom Happiness", the main role Dmitry (2021)
"Mistress of the Mountain", the role of Dmitry Beketov (2021)
"Spasskaya", the role of Maxim Ageev (2020)
"Optimists. Caribbean season", the role of Oleg Dorinov (2020)
"Play with me", the role of the bull (2020)
"Actors of the sunken theater", the role of Alice's husband, actor (2020)
"The Bride of the Divisional Commander", the role of Gennady Chukin, hero pilot (2019) "Routes of Love", the role of Stas (2019)
"Source" (Belarus, Russia, short), main role (2019)
"8-800" (short), main role (2019)
"Black Blood", the role of Tolik (2017)
"Keep you my love", the main role (2017)
"Crime" the role of Anton Afanasyev, teacher (2016) "Not easy happiness", the role of Sergey (2015)
"Provincial", the role of Alexander Mikhailov (2015)
"Karina Krasnaya", the role of Misha (2013)
"How to get a woman", the role of Mark (2013)
"Moscow is not Moscow", the main role (2011)
"Closed School", the main role (2011-2012)
"General Therapy 2", the role of Yegor Korolev (2010)
"Garages", the role of Artyom Latyshev (2010)
"Annushka", the role of Yuri (2009)
"Passenger", the main role (2008)
"Sister", the role of Artyom (2007)

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